Sunday School

In our community of faith, children are welcome to attend worship services with their parents.  We also offer fun and engaging Faith Formation programs for children from 4 years old through the twelfth grade.  

Children start in the worship service, remaining through the children’s message, and then are invited to head to Sunday School where dedicated and loving teachers engage them in the story or mission of the day.

SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL - June 23rd is the start of Summer Sunday School. Summer classes will run from 10:00 AM to approximately 11:00 AM (when worship ends) thru Sunday, August 11th. Children in preschool through grade 6 are invited to attend. Kids in grade 7+ are welcome to assist.

For more information about Christian Education at Mittineague Congregational Church, please call our Director of Christian Education, Lauri Osip, at 413-734-1290.